ABOUT Ray of Sun Creative


My photography journey kicked off in high school, where I was the designated photographer for everything from yearbook moments to my friends' senior portraits.

In college, I dove into the art of photography and later ventured into the dynamic world of marketing and web development. As an in-house photographer and videographer for agencies, I honed my skills but felt something was missing.

Then, I found my sweet spot—product photography and UGC content creation. It clicked. It resonated. Now, my passion lies in helping small businesses and ethical brands shine with captivating content.

If you've been searching for the right creative to bring your visions to life, you've found her. Let's craft a visual narrative that makes your brand unforgettable. Excited to capture your story!

Rachel, residing in Grand Rapids with her husband Ryan and beloved Springer Sophie, finds joy in exploring breathtaking destinations, hiking scenic trails, nurturing her garden + countless houseplants, and unwinding with a pint at one of the many charming local breweries.